Saturday, April 7, 2007


Various siblings of my father Martin weren't mentioned in the stories, as I had no photographs of them to jog my memory, but now some pictures have arrived through the net. My father's oldest sister Molly immigrated to the USA in 1914 at age of 19 from Zeke, Hungary (new photo 1)
and formed a lovely family there. Along with my father's other siblings who had immigrated before World War II, Molly and her daughters Edith and Eileen (new photo 2) were wonderful to us
when we arrived in the US and after - they kept in touch with my Mom up till the end and thus helped her out in many ways.

The other day I was very sorry to hear that Eileen has passed away, following so soon in her sister Edith's footsteps - lovely and successful women loved by their families and everyone else as well! Molly of course has been gone for many years (new photo 3), but her grand-daughter Shelley is interested in adding material for a more complete picture of our family history (and thus of the History with a capital "H" through which our relatives lived).

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